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Well, we all have encountered a quiet person or may even have quiet people as friends. quiet people are often misunderstood so in this article I'll cover ten facts on quiet people.

facts about quiet people

quiet people appear mysterious and often don't speak a lot because they think a lot, quiet people almost always think before they speak to reply with something meaningful and avoid saying dumb stuff. they also would rather have more information to craft a better response to connect with the person, they're speaking with better.
don't be surprised if a quiet person pauses mid-conversation. 

quiet people are not necessarily shy being quiet or introverted doesn't mean you are shy, someone can be quiet and not shy. 

shyness is a learned behavior problem that makes it range from a bit hard to nearly impossible to socialize, quiet people can socialize just fine they just prefer to say less and listen more. 
according to an interview in Scientific America with Susan Cain it is important to understand that introversion is different from shyness, shyness is the fear of negative judgment while introversion is simply the preference for less stimulation.

quiet people can be loud and outgoing in the right situation they become a completely different person when they are relaxed happy and surrounded by those they care about.
they can be the life of the party if you are talking about something a quiet person is passionate about, you might have a hard time trying to shut them up for.

quiet people are actually creative and have interesting hobbies, stereotypes will make you believe that they only read books and do other boring things which is not true, reading books is not boring by the way. 

quiet people are passionate about creating stuff and they often have a rich inner life which helps feel their creativity, quiet people are great at observing others while everyone else is talking they listen and observe to gather information to craft a good response to connect with the person they will speak to, in a deeper way since quiet people are great and observing they are also able to read the mood well and follow along or strategically change it.

quiet people are often intelligent some of the smartest people are actually quiet the most famous example would be Bill Gates the billionaire founder of Microsoft it helps that being quiet is good for your brain health because it gives the brain a chance to wander and reflect.

quiet people don't like gossip and think it is a waste of time, gossip simply isn't their cup of tea
they don't like to talk about irrelevant things that don't concern them, because of this quite people can be trusted with your secrets. they care about the feelings of others and won't spill your secrets over some gossip.

if you need someone to listen to your ideas dreams and passions find a quiet person, a quiet people are not antisocial they are actually interested in other people and love being around people just because they don't speak first or accept every invitation or stay very late doesn't mean they're not interested in being around others they prefer small groups or one-on-one conversations to develop a meaningful connection.

Quiet people are naturally curious and natural learners this might be one of the few reasons they like speaking less they'd rather observe and learn to feel their thirst for knowledge they are more interested in learning about the people around them to expand their minds than to open their mouths.

quite people are not miserable quiet people enjoy their own company and open up
about themselves at their own pace even if they don't want to socialize all the time they are not miserable, don't worry about your quiet friend being lonely they're probably enjoying their solitude.

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