facts about Neil Armstrong - the first person to walk on the Moon

in this article we are going to learn Facts about Neil Armstrong.
Neil Armstrong a brave man who spent his life serving his country and helping the people around him.

Neil Armstrong was a pilot and an engineer but is most famous for being an astronaut, as an astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon but we're getting ahead of ourselves it's because it's so exciting.

Neil Armstrong was born on August 5th, 1930 in Ohio here is the flag of Ohio it is the only state flag in the United States that isn't a rectangle.

facts about neil armstrong

Ohio is often called the Buckeye State so Neil Armstrong was born and raised in Ohio the Buckeye State. growing up Neil Armstrong was fascinated with flying, he just was intrigued by the ride whoa flying is so cool, and check this out he loved flying so much he took flying lessons as a teenager and got his student flight certificate when he turned 16 he got his flight certificate before he even got his driver's license, wow that's incredible.

no, I can't drive to school I don't have my license but I can fly an airplane to school.

he was so interested in flight that he wanted to learn how to design and build aircraft that is a field of study known as aerospace engineering. Engineers study how things work and can design and build all sorts of things aerospace. engineering focuses on aircraft machines like planes, for example, he joined a program that allowed him to study aerospace engineering and serve his country. in the military he studied aerospace engineering for two years and then served in the United States Navy. this was during the time of the Korean War Neil Armstrong flew 78 missions over Korea here is a picture of Neil Armstrong on one of those missions.

facts about neil armstrong
he is piloting this plane with the number 116 on it he bravely served his country and was awarded multiple medals along with two gold stars.

later Neil Armstrong completed his college studies after graduation he became a test pilot, test pilots try out new recently changed aircraft it is a risky job to have because the test pilot doesn't know if it is going to work well or not, but Neil Armstrong loved it here is a photo of Neil Armstrong after a test he looks super happy.
facts about neil armstrong

but there were even bigger things around the corner for him you see NASA was accepting applications for project Gemini and Neil Armstrong was a great candidate.
project Gemini was NASA's second astronaut space flight program. he was accepted into NASA after applying he was officially an astronaut, Neil Armstrong played an active role in two Gemini missions Gemini 8 and 11 here is a picture of Neil Armstrong getting ready for Gemini 8 look at all of the wires and equipment an astronaut needs.

facts about neil armstrong

after the Gemini program NASA started the Apollo program its third astronaut's space flight program it was announced that Neil Armstrong would be one of three astronauts to serve on the main crew for Apollo 11, Apollo 11 was a very special flight to be a part of because it was the mission that was going to land on the moon you see in 1961 President John F Kennedy had announced the goal of landing on the moon in the next 10 years. many people were nervous about this announcement because they didn't think it was possible but NASA went to work eight years later they were ready Apollo 11 would land on the moon they made Neil Armstrong the commander of the flight who served along with Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin. they launched from Earth the morning of July 16th, 1969 once they were close to the moon Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin went into a part of the ship called Eagle which separated from the rest of the space vessel which was called Columbia.

Columbia would orbit the moon with Michael Collins staying onboard waiting for Eagle to return. on July 20th, 1969 Eagle landed on the surface of the Moon carrying Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin this was one of the greatest moments in history humans had made it to the moon. this was the moment Neil Armstrong stepped off of Eagle onto the surface of the Moon. over five hundred million people around the world watched live on TV as Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon

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