Betty White turns 98: Here are 10 facts to know about betty white

keep on reading until the end to find out why does Betty White always want to have a sausage in her mouth. 
Betty White turns 98: Here are 10 facts to know about betty white

1-her name is not Elizabeth yep Betty began defying tradition from the moment she was born. her parents didn't like any of the nicknames for Elizabeth "Lizzie" "Beth" "Betsy" so they went the simple route and just named their newborn daughter simply Betty.
On January 17th 1922 in Oak Park Illinois the future television icon was born Betty Marian white. white explained her parents named her Betty specifically, because they didn't like many of the nicknames derived from Elizabeth forget your baths your lives as your Ellie's she is Betty. 

2-she is a Guinness world record holder in the 2014 edition of the record keeping tome. white was awarded the title of longest TV career for an entertainer female for her more than 70 years and Counting in show business. 
the year before Guinness gave out longest TV career for an entertainer male to longtime British TV host Bruce Forsyth. as both began their careers in 1939 they'd be neck and neck for the title were they not separated by gender. 

3-she was one of the first female TV producers. 
back in 1952 Betty White founded bandy productions making her one of the first female Hollywood producers at a time when that was basically unheard of.
white managed to lock down control in front of and behind the camera at a time when women were shoehorned into kitchens. 
With bandy production, betty white starred in her own sitcom life with Elizabeth and started her own daytime talk show the Betty White show. that just goes to show what a trailblazer she was.

4-she has a major crush on Robert Redford Betty White's a little bit Randy for Robert Redford. 
she's been asked in multiple interviews if there's anything out there she'd still like to do and white always responds robert redford.
word of her crush on Redford caught up with the man himself and he deadpanned right back that she'd had her chance. 
white confessed that she would be mortified where she to ever meet Redford "don't ever want to meet him I would be so embarrassed I've taken his name in vain so many times"
and she's not shy about him knowing it Betty has been quoted as saying "my answer to anything under the Sun like what have you not done in the business that you've always wanted to do is robert redford"
though she's worked on over 100 film and TV credits she has never been cast with a rugged star. although there's still hope she's only 98 years old after all.

5- she is worth more than $45 million Betty is worth more than a few dollars and cents that's for sure.  her family moved to Los Angeles at the height of the Great Depression to seek better job opportunities. with a career that began in the late 30s Betty White is seemingly done it all. she initially intended to launch a career in film but faced rejection early on because casting directors believed she was not photogenic enough for the cameras.

Betty then pursued a career in radio but eventually found her way onto television in movie sets. 
according to celebrity net worth the cool 45 million dollars.

6- her first TV appearance disappeared in history. even White has a hard time remembering the exact name of her debut show on screen back in 1939. however there is one particular event she recounts as life-changing during a certain interview with Guinness Book of World Records. 

she was given the chance to dance on an experiment on the television show based in downtown LA. 
she wore her high school graduation dress and danced with a student body president Harry Bennett of their school (Beverly Hills) High to the tune of :Merry Widow waltz"

7- her first breakthrough in sitcom was in the early 50s. after co-hosting Hollywood on television without Jarvis white was given the opportunity to produce her own show life with Elizabeth as we have mentioned before. during that time she was one of the fewest female producers out there.

she collaborated with George Tibbles an aspiring writer producer then to develop the show and garner massive support. George Tibbles would go on to work on beloved shows such as the monsters, Leave It to Beaver and Dennis the Menace.
although not many people are familiar with the series, today it did win Betty her first Emmy nomination in 1951. so far she has been nominated an incredible 21 times of which she has won five times. 
8- if she hadn't been an actor she'd have been a zookeeper "hands down". she confessed in a 2014 interview this should come as little surprise to those aware of White's reputation as an avid animal lover and activist. 
not only does she try to visit the local zoo of wherever she may travel but also she's a supporter of the farm animal reformed movement and Friends of animals group as well as a Los Angeles zoo board member who has donated tens of thousands of dollars over the past 40 years. 
in 2010 white founded a t-shirt line whose profits go to the Morris Animal Foundation.

9-Betty White does not have any biological children 

Betty had come off two marriages before marrying Alan Ludden and during that time she hadn't managed to have any children of her own.
Alan Ludden on the other hand went into the marriage with three children. 
Betty says that she still counts her three stepchildren as a blessing in her life. 

10- she loves junk food the key to aging gracefully has nothing to do with health food as far as white is concerned. 

in 2011 her hot and cleveland co-star Jane Leeves dished on white snacking habits she eats red filings, hot dogs, french fries and diet coke. if that's key maybe she is preserved because of all the preservatives.

fellow co-star Wendie Malick concurred she eats red licorice like ridiculously a lot she seems to exist on hot dogs and french fries.

she has a personal hot dog Betty White has admitted that she had unhealthy eating habits in particular she says that her favorite foods included french fries, potato chips, red vines, and hot dogs out of all these hotdogs appeared to be her personal favorite in fact during Pink's hot dogs in Hollywood in 2010 she was honored with a california-based Betty White naked dog .

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