interesting facts about Illinois - the hometown of Superman

welcome to interesting facts about Illinois, today's article will feature Illinois the thirteenth American state covered in this article, okay let's do this.
Interesting facts about illinois

although today the state's largest population center is around Chicago in the northern part, the state's European population grew first in the West, with French Canadians who settled along the Mississippi River and gave the area the name.

why the French? because Illinois was once part of French Louisiana and thus it was initially a French colonial territory. after the American Revolutionary War established the United States American settlers began arriving from Kentucky in the 1810s via the Ohio River and the population grew from south to north.
it was in 1818 that Illinois gained statehood and became America's 21st state. 

today Illinois is or should be known for several inventions that are now part of our everyday life, let's take the dishwasher.
1- the first reliable dishwasher was built in a tool shed in Shelbyville and was unveiled at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago.

2- TV remote. 
the zenith radio company based in Chicago was the first company to develop a wireless TV remote control I'm sure we're all thankful for that.

3-the flyswatter hoody handy someone had to invent it right it was Robert R Montgomery and he was from Decatur in Illinois.

4 -the zipper that too was invented in Illinois as were the pinball machine, the barbed wire, the ferris wheel, the vacuum cleaner and you might say that even the cell phone was created by Martin Cooper in 1973.

5- the DynaTAC was the world's first mobile phone and it was developed by Motorola which was based in new guested Illinois.

Interesting facts about illinois

the capital city of Illinois is Springfield and although many of you Simpson fans say that this is the city that's featured in the show. 
the creator's themselves have admitted that it's really not. Springfield wasn't always the state's capital first, it was Kaskaskia until 1820.
that is when it was relocated to Vandalia. it was Abraham Lincoln and his political group called the long line that managed to move Illinois's capital to Springfield and obviously know Chicago is not the capital city and it never was. 

speaking of Chicago there's a common nickname used to refer to it the Windy City. but in fact it has nothing or very little to do with meteorology. the expression from a New York City journalist actually referred to the boastful long-winded politicians campaigning for the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893. before that it was a phrase referring to the breezes off Lake Michigan but it wasn't popularly used. the repeated use of the phrase in the newspapers made the term popular but those people weren't referring to the breezes but rather to the politicians.

here's another amazing fact about Chicago, the city was actually literally raised by up to two metersm, yep you heard that right the entire city was raised this happened started from 1858. 
the problem was that the elevation of Chicago was not much higher than the shorelines of Lake Michigan so there was almost no natural drainage. this led to the spread of pathogens due to the standing waters they were typhoid epidemics dysentery and it all culminated with an outbreak of cholera that killed 6% of the population so the decision was made to create a proper sewerage system the drains were laid the roads and sidewalks were covered with soil and then, they actually raised most buildings to the new grade with hydraulic jacks.

some buildings weighed hundreds or even thousands of tons and were 30 to 60 to 100 meters long. other buildings were actually moved.
sometimes entire blocks all at once to other areas of the city. this is indeed one of the greatest projects of the modern world and for the most part it was done without the slightest crack or damage.

route 66  become the Main Street of America. it was one of the original highways within u.s. highway system and it was one of the busiest and most used pieces of Road in the United States, but did you know it started from Illinois? the famous route 66 ran from Chicago to Santa Monica California covering three thousand nine hundred and forty kilometres. today the route has a historic status and in fact you can enjoy a long car ride starting from the corner of Michigan Avenue and Jackson Street in Chicago. 

so are there any Superman fans here? if there, are you might want to listen to this the hometown of Superman is in Illinois. in his various portrayals Superman resides in a fictional American city named metropolis and on January 21st 1972 DC Comics declared Metropolis from Illinois the home of Superman, in fact there is an actual resolution adopted by the state legislature in the same year that confirms this. 
the city is home to a Superman Museum and there is an annual Superman celebration so if you're a fan of the superman visiting the museum  is simply a must.

so these were facts about Illinois. I hope to see you next time bye 💓

interesting facts about Illinois

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