omg 50 facts about Game of Thrones

 facts about Game of Thrones

today we're going to be counting down 50 facts about Game of Thrones. this is one of my favorite TV shows but with that in mind watch, all of your favorite characters die before your eyes and let's get right into the facts.

1- Game of Thrones is the most illegally downloaded show ever for instance.
the show was pirated 14.4 million times in 2015 and the number of pirated episodes has only gone up each year.

2- the iron throne in the show isn't as big as it was supposed to be.
the throne that George envisioned in his books was supposed to look more like this instead much much bigger indeed compiled of over 1,000 swords hammered loosely together by blacksmiths in a very unsymmetrical horrifying manner.

3- during the title sequence King's Landing Winterfell and the wall are the only areas to have been featured every single episode. 

4- the average episode costs HBO six million dollars to create.

5- quite a few actors on the show haven't read the books and they don't plan to until after the show is finished this is because they feel it might affect their act if they know what will happen to their respective characters.

6- the red wedding is based on actual events like a lot of other major plots on the show this one, in particular, is based on the black dinner of 1440 and the massacre of Glencoe from 1692 if you want to go read up on those you can see the similarities.

7- after Sean Bean died on the set of season one he reportedly played soccer with his severed head.

8- George RR Martin writes only one episode every season and leaves the rest to the show's writers.

9- David Peterson created an entirely new language for the Dothraki in the show.
he had this language be practiced by Khal Drogo and the rest of the crew it was created from a mixture of Mongolian American Indian and Arabic languages and this language differs completely from the language used in the books this language is also made up currently of over 3,000 words. 

10- apparently the golden crown death scene in season 1 had to be done in only one scene.
because the gold paint would ruin the actor's costume and on top of that they had to release smoke machines at exactly the right time to create that burning effect, in the end, they nailed the scene.

11- Theon's sister Yara is actually named Asha in the books her name was changed because the producers didn't want her name being confused with OSHA.

12- during season 3 the costume director used exactly 30 1653 square feet of leather and fur for the costumes.

13- apparently Iwan the actor who plays Ramsay had to spend multiple hours eating sausage for the sausage thing with Theon to get it right and it was very uncomfortable for him.

14- Peter Dinklage was George Martin's and the producer's first choice to play Tyrion they didn't do any other auditions for Tyrion besides him.

15- Lena and Peter were actually friends before the began so when Peter was talking to producers about possibilities for Cersei he suggested Lina.

16- on the topic of Peter Dinklage since he is a vegetarian outside of Game of Thrones all the meat he eats on the show isn't real and is actually made of tofu so that he can eat it. 

17- much like with Peter Dinklage, Sean Bean was also the only actor chosen to play Ned Stark and he was also one of the first actors chosen for the series and though they didn't audition any other actors.

18- apparently during season 3 Kit Harington was wearing a cast while filming different scenes for season 3 because beforehand he locked himself out of his apartment and tried to climb through a window.

19- the actress who plays the red woman Melisandre was actually offered the role of Cersei Lannister however she had to turn it down due to her being stuck in the process of filming a dutch comedy.

20- in the books the Targaryen is known for their white silver hair and their violet eyes well originally Denarius and her brother were supposed to wear violet contact lenses but after a few takes, they decided to scrap them because they felt the lenses hurt the actor's ability to show emotion.

21- Game of Thrones is credited with creating a whole new phrase entirely which is the phrase sex position which is sex and position put together basically what it means is the act of revealing very important plot while some sort of graphic and sexual acts happen in the background.

22- the actor who plays Shae started her career as a porn actress.

23- Ramsay snow almost played Jon Snow Iwan was the runner-up to play Jon Snow. the role went to Kit Harington and Iwan went on to play Ramsay instead.

24- Northern Ireland says Game of Thrones has brought more than 100 million dollars to its economy due to massive production.

25- just like earlier how we talked about Ramsay having to eat way too many sausages for a scene. Sansa also had to eat multiple lemon cakes because in the scene where Lysa offers Sansa lemon cakes before accusing her of sleeping with Littlefinger apparently this scene also took a couple hours.

26- there is an unaired pilot episode apparently it was so bad that it had to be reshot completely and it almost caused the show to be canceled before it even began.

27- George RR Martin has stated that Littlefinger is the character with the most differences from the books and the show.

28- the Hall of faces in season 5 is made up of over 600 prosthetic faces which were made from over 30 extras and crew members as models.

29- almost all the costumes on the show require being aged for two whole weeks so they look beaten up and fit that time period instead of looking like cheap knock-offs.

30- before the dragons are created with visual effects they are nothing but a green stick with a big green ball on the end of it that the actors have to interact with.

31- George Martin originally planned for the series to only be a trilogy but he later decided to make it even longer by splitting the first book titled a game of Thrones into three books instead of leaving it as one.

32- in season 5 the final fight with the walkers in hardhome took over three weeks to film.

33- all of the wigs on the show can cost up to $7,000 well why is that exactly that's a little expensive when you could just buy a stylish toupee like mine for only $10 that's outrageous well you see these wigs are made up of over two feet of real human hair while on the other hand yours looks like it was made up of used toilet brush strands.

34- Jack Gleeson the actor of Joffrey received a letter from George Martin after the first season aired saying congratulations everyone hates you because George felt he did such a good job portraying his evil creation.

35- George RR martin and his wife are huge Grateful Dead fans.

36- back in 2012 over 160 babies were named Khaleesi.

37- apparently there is over 70 ways to say horrid or and each way has a completely different meaning than the next mainly to show different emotions for the character.

38- season 2 of Game of Thrones was given the OK by HBO after only two days after the pilot episodes success.

39- many of the actors who play Night's Watch extras also play members of Denarius his army the unsullied.

40- you remember one hot pie gave Brienne that direwolf bread well the producers wanted that bread to look exactly like a direwolf and instead of making a bunch of bread individually they made 70 loafs all at once and then they used the best one out of those. 
41- down their party line when Roose Bolton says the Lannisters send their regards at the red wedding this line is actually slightly different in the books instead in the books he says Jaime Lannister sends his regards.

42- sophie Turner who plays Sansa on show adopted her direwolf from the show since the wolf was dead in the series they wanted to find a home for her so Sophie and her mother persuaded them to let them adopt her.

43- on the topic of dire wolves they are based on actual dire wolves see dire wolves are now extinct but back then they were real and they were estimated to have weighed up to 175 pounds.

44- the actors are given steel swords for up-close-and-personal scenes while they are given aluminum or rubber swords for scenes involving fights or scenes involving animals.

45- there have been a total of three porn parodies made based on Game of Thrones called game of bones sex and Thrones.

46- do you guys remember that huge horse heart Denarius had to eat. well that was actually just a huge gummy bear like substance coated in fake blood Emilia Clarke has even said that this heart tasted a lot like bleach and the blood was so sticky that she ended up getting stuck to a toilet after they finished filming the scene.

47- I won't name any names other than two but a lot of characters that are dead on screen are still alive in the books such as Stannis and his daughter Shireen there are quite a few more but I don't want to spoil too much.

48- the dragons in Game of Thrones aren't actually considered dragons but instead they are wyverns see wyverns have two feet while dragons have four so apparently everything we thought where dragons are actually just wyverns instead 

49- sophie turner has said that the writers make fake scripts to trick the actors into thinking they're going to be killed off she also added then about three weeks later they'll end up telling you that it was just a joke.

and the moment you have all been waiting for fact number 50 
george RR martin revealed the ending of the book series to the television show producers in case he does not live to finish the books and also because the producers were unsure if they would be ending the show before George completed his last book to producers plan to end the show in 2018 with only two more seasons planned each with less than 10 episodes so even though we all don't want it to end everything must come to an end at some point.

but there you have it everybody 50 facts about Game of Thrones hopefully you guys enjoyed the video and hopefully you guys learned something today 

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