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facts about the future

hey everyone and welcome to today we're gonna learn about 12 shocking things that will happen by 2050 now let's begin

1- artificial brains by 2045
neuroscientist Randall Cunha aims to create an artificial human brain the concept of artificial intelligence isn't anything new for decades people have been fascinated by the idea that machines could have thoughts or emotions while some find it amazing others are terrified that we're pushing technology too far they believe these robots may bring an end to humanity but Cunha isn't worried about a mechanical revolution. why? well because he says humans can digitally upload their brains by merging with technology. Cunha claims humans will evolve into cybernetic organisms once our organic bodies die or grow old our brains will live on through technology, in other words, Cunha may be on the brink of unlocking immortality now, of course, we're a long way away from that by 2050 we'll have only taken the first big step we'll have unraveled the mysteries of the human brain by recreating it in code.

2- humans on Mars in 2024 
SpaceX plans to send its first transport ship to Mars. while NASA estimates their first mission won't launch until after 2030. Elon Musk will send a cargo ship to Mars in 2022 a manned mission will then follow two years later Musk's ship is called the interplanetary transport system or ITS it's capable of carrying over a hundred people out of the Earth's orbit at one time, but here's where it gets tricky once you get out of our planet's orbit you have to wait for Mars to line up with earth this only happens once every 26 months,  for example, Mars was in position on July 31st, 2018 now that window wouldn't open again until October 6th in 2020.

so people will have to live inside their ITS until the planets align. now at that time all its's will travel to Mars and drop off their passengers each ITS will then relaunch from Mars and land in the exact same position on earth after refueling they'll be ready to transport another hundred in no time.

 now according to musk, these missions will begin creating the first city on Mars and if all goes as planned over a million people will have settled on the red planet in the next hundred years. 

3- lab-grown organs 
nearly 20 people die every single day waiting for an organ transplant. trauma and disease often require entire body parts to be replaced but really there just aren't enough healthy organs for everyone. 

luckily artificial organs aren't too far off from hearts to kidneys scientists are working to grow functioning organs that can keep people alive for decades. lab-grown organs rely on the use of stem cells these are unspecialized cells that can adapt to all kinds of different roles within the body to create organs. scientists have combined stem cells with 3d printing. they use a special material called bio link to guide the stem cell growth by 2050.

scientists will be printing and growing synthetic organs that will save thousands of lives. 

4- reaching 10 billion.
the UN predicts the world will reach 10 billion people by 2050.
in the year 2000, the world's population was 6.1 billion in 2015 it had increased to 7.5 billion that's 1.4 billion more people in just 15 years.

now if the world's growth continues at the same rate we'll easily cross 10 billion by 2050, so where are all these extra people coming from India and China have had the largest populations for some time but India will become the most populated within the next decade while u.s. is currently in third Nigeria will likely steal our spot by 2050. Africa as a whole will account for a majority of the world's total growth with many African countries doubling in size 

5- medical chips within the next 10 years. 
medical chips will become a popular way to recognize a disease if you get sick tomorrow, how would you know it's time to visit a hospital. you know it can be hard to tell the difference between say a cold and something more serious like pneumonia you wouldn't even know you had a dangerous and contagious disease without a doctor running a bunch of tests.

this is where medical chips come in these tiny computers will run biochemical tests within our bodies and if they find traces of a disease they'll tell us that it's time to go to a hospital. these chips will allow us to identify diseases immediately this means more successful treatments and fewer fatalities additionally medical chips will prevent contagious diseases from spreading stopping epidemics before they start. 

6- renewable energy. 
a study conducted by the Department of Energy found that by the year 2050 most of the world's energy would be renewable technologies like wind turbines solar panels and hydropower plants already supply a large chunk of the world's electricity by 2050 they'll make up over 80% of all energy this means 80 percent less carbon emissions it also decreases water usage by 50 percent.

now we can't undo the damage that humanities are done to the world but cleaner renewable energy will keep us from making it worse. 

7- printed buildings 
over the next few decades one of the oldest human practices will change forever construction has been pretty much the same for hundreds of years we still build houses out of wood and we still cut brick and stone to make walls, but in 2013 a Chinese company called wind Sun used a continuous 3d printer to construct 10 houses.

the walls were printed using special ink made from cement and Sam. in 2016 they used the same material to print a fully functioning office building each of these structures only cost a few thousand dollars to create while leaving behind zero waste the company claims this technology will advance exponentially over the next thirty years and before you know it we'll be printing hotels stadiums and even skyscrapers. 

8- no North Pole.
thanks to global warming the North Pole has gotten significantly smaller over the years since 1980. the Arctic has shrunk by over 40 percent it continues to decrease by 30 thousand square miles every single year currently, the North Pole is frozen year-round but by 2040 it will be completely ice-free during the summer and after another ten years there may not even be snow during the coldest months. 

so what does this mean for the rest of the world? well without the North Pole you can expect warmer oceans unpredictable weather and even stronger storms. 

9- coastal flooding.
according to the IPCC, many coastal cities may be underwater sooner than you think. as the poles continue to melt global sea levels will rise. 
dramatically the IPCC predicts that water levels will increase by as much as four feet by 2050. and seven feet by twenty ninety.

now, this may not seem like much at first but consider this in Honolulu Hawaii a 1-foot increase in sea level would move the coast over a hundred feet inland. that means that most of the beaches docks and resorts would be completely flooded. other major cities like Miami San Diego Boston and New York City will likely suffer the same fate. 

10- increased life expectancy.
in 2016 the life expectancy of the average American was seventy-nine points two years for men and eighty-two points for women. but those numbers are expected to increase by 2050 because of advances in technology and medicine scientists with the MacArthur Research Network predict that the average American woman will live in their mid-90s as per usual men will still fall a few years behind living to about 86.

this increased life expectancy suggests there will be more people over 65 than ever before and it also means hundreds of thousands of people are likely to live well.

11- high-speed railways.
u.s. high-speed rail Association intends to revolutionize cross-country travel by 2030. they want to create high-speed rail systems that will travel coast-to-coast at over 220 miles per hour.

but why train aren't airplanes faster? yeah, but bullet trains will take some of the burdens off of the current airlines because planes are used for everything from 30-minute trips to international flights.

the industry is struggling to keep up with such high demand bullet trains will relieve some of that pressure they offer a quicker more enjoyable option for people looking to travel between a hundred and two thousand miles each train will also be entirely electric making them far more environmentally friendly. 

early models of these high-speed trains do exist in certain locations like California and New York you can already travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just a few hours without ever having to step foot in an airport and if all goes as planned the rail Association will have connected every major city within the next decade.

12- space hotels in 2021 a company called Orion span will launch its Aurora space station it's the first-ever space hotel. this hotel will provide its guests with the full astronaut experience after three months of training you'll get to spend 12 days floating 200 miles above the Earth's surface the first station will house up to six people for guests and two crew members. 

now, of course, it won't always be that way Orion Spann claims their station will grow significantly by adding modules called space condos these rooms can actually be bought or leased as a form of long-term space housing now as you might have guessed this once-in-a-lifetime experience won't be cheap the 12-day journey will cost five million dollars per guest the company hasn't put a price on the space condos just yet but I think it's safe to say those will be even more expensive. 

hey thank you for reading and be sure to share because more incredible content is on the way.

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