40 interesting facts about money you probably didn't know

facts about money

- Money. You use it every day, but how much do you really know about it? Well. If your answer is not that much, that's okay, because I'm about to give you 40 fascinating facts about money. 

1-The oldest form of currency in the world is cows. 

As far back as 9,000 B.C., people were trading cattle for the goods and services that they needed. 

2-The Chinese were the first people to invent paper money around 806 A.D. 

The first people to consistently use paper money were the French in the 18th century. 

3-Gambling generates more money than music, movies, and sports combined. 

Know your limit. Play within it. 

4-You know how people refer to a dollar as a buck? 

Well, that originated before dollar bills when people used to trade animal skins for the goods and services they needed, such as deer and elk bucks, hence the term, buck. 

5-Fort Knox and the New York Fed hold a combined total of almost 12,000 metric tons of gold. 

That's 7.5% of all the gold that has ever been refined in the entire world. 

6-A common misconception is that money made out of paper, when in fact, it's a blend of cotton and linen, so it's actually more of the cloth than paper. 

7-Parker Brothers have printed more Monopoly money for its games than the Federal Reserve has issued real money in the United States of America. 

8-Over five trillion dollars are traded daily in major stock markets around the world. 

9-Although nobody knows for certain where the dollar symbol came from, one widely accepted theory is that it's an evolution of the letters U.S. as in U. S. currency. 

10-It costs around 2.5 cents to produce one penny. This is why countries have begun to eliminate them including Canada, Brazil, and Australia. 

11-The term piggy bank comes from the old English word pygg which was a type of orange clay that they used to make jars out of that held money. 

12-A single dollar bill can be folded up to 4,000 times before it'll tear. 

13-Germany's money once lost all of its value in 1923 due to hyperinflation. 

In fact, it was so worthless that people began using it as wallpaper and kindling. 

14-Coins have a life expectancy of about 30 years. Paper money has the life expectancy of about four years for smaller bills and about 15 years for larger bills, like hundreds. 

15-95% of bills printed are to replace bills already in circulation. 

16-Individually, the revenue generated by the biggest corporations in the world makes them bigger than in some countries.

17-In most 1st world countries like Canada and America, citizens are required to report all sources of income. 

18-The most valuable legal tinder coin ever created was by the Perth Mint in Australia. This one-ton solid gold coin has a legal tinder of one million dollars but the gold it's made out of is worth 50 million dollars. 

19-Only 8% of the world's money exists in physical form. The rest of it exists electronically in computers and cyberspace. 

20-When flipping a coin, three times as many people choose heads over tails. 

21-The top 5% of lottery ticket buyers buy over half of all the lottery tickets sold. 

22-The most counterfeited currency in the world is the U.S dollar. Mostly because it's the most universally used and has only a few anti-counterfeit measures on it. 

23-Most couples consider money to be the number one factor in a successful marriage. 

And, they might be right because the number one factor for break-ups and fights in marriages, is, you guessed, it. Money. 

24-You are three times as likely to die in a car accident driving to buy a lottery ticket than you are to win the jackpot from the ticket. 

Keep that in mind next time you're driving to the store.

25-If you had 10 billion one-dollar notes and you spent one every second of every day, it would take you 317 years to go broke. 

26-Sweden has the highest personal tax rate in the world, at 57%. Uzbekistan and Montenegró have the lowest, at 9%. 

27-It's against the law in almost every country to deface legal tinder. 

28-The 100 dollar note has been the largest denomination of currency in circulation since 1969. 

The highest legal tinder bill ever printed was the one hundred thousand dollar bill in 1934, and featured American president Woodrow Wilson on it. 

29-Zimbabwe once printed the one hundred trillion dollar bill, but that's only worth five dollars American. 

31-92% of people say they would rather be rich than finding true love. Very few people know this but all that a check is is an instruction to a financial institution. So technically, it can be written on anything. 

32-In the past, checks have been written on stones, slabs, bananas, and even cows. 

Just to give you an idea of how much prices have risen over time, in the 1920's you could buy a brand new car for less than $300.00. 

33-More money is spent on arms in the world than education, health, or any other form of development. 

34-A flu virus can last up to 10 days on the money. Which is why you should always wash your hands after handling it.

35-The ridges on the side of coins originated back when they were made of silver and gold. Before ridges on coins, people used to scrape the sides of them to sell precious metals.

36-Studies show that ten million dollars is the magic number that can get people to do almost anything, including abandoning their friends and family, changing their sex, and even murder. 

That's not right 😅. 

36-90% of American money has traces of cocaine on it. 

37-It's widely believed that American money is green because green ink is highly resistant to physical and chemical changes and the color green is psychologically identified as a strong, stable credit of government. 

38-More people fantasize about money than sex.

39-The world's largest bill ever created was the hundred thousand peso in 1998 by the Philippine government and was the size of a sheet of paper. 

The smallest bill ever created was the 10 bani note in 1917 by the Romanian government and is just about double the size of a typical stamp. 

40-There are 293 different ways to make change for a dollar. 

So those have been 40 interesting money facts. I hope you guys learned a little something from this article, and I will see you next time. 
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