50 mind blowing facts to think about - OMG!

mind blowing facts to think about

Are you a fiend for facts? Are you constantly curious? Okay,  here are 50 amazing mind-blowing facts.

1- The largest weight loss ever recorded belongs to Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari from Saudi Arabia. In 2013, he was the heaviest living person, at 610 kilograms. By 2017, he lost a total of 542 kilograms and now weighs 68. 

2- John Brower Minnoch was not only the heaviest person that ever lived; he was also the largest known primate to have ever existed. He even exceeded the upper estimated size of the Gigantopithecus. 

3- The maximum power a horse is capable of creating is 15 horsepower. The maximum output a human can create is a little more than one horsepower. 

4- The famous Keyboard Cat YouTube video was originally filmed in 1984 and starred a female cat named Fatso. Unfortunately, Fatso died in 1987, 20 years before the video actually went viral. They don't love ya, till you're gone, man. 

5- The brains of squirrels begin to expand in the fall and winter time to help them remember where they buried all their nuts. When spring arrives, they shrink back down to their normal size. 

6-There were many recorded cases of great squirrel migrations across the United States in the 1800s. In southeastern Wisconsin in 1842, half a billion gray squirrels passed through the area and lasted four weeks. 

7-Since 2016, actor Matthew McConaughey has been teaching a filmmaking course at the University of Texas at Austin. 

6- Even though we may think that the wheel was the first invention by humans, there are several important inventions that predate it. Sewing needles, cloth, rope, basket weaving, boat, and the flute were all invented before it. 

7- At least 43 buildings in Manhattan New York have their own exclusive zip codes based on their size, the number of people occupying them, and the amount of money they generate per year. 

8- Costco intentionally designs their store without signs so the customers can wander through all of the aisles to look for things to buy. 

9- According to Business Insider, it's healthier to eat two hamburgers and no fries rather than one hamburger and a side of fries. This is due to the fact that the fries are empty calories. 

10- Donkeys are capable of being excellent farmhands and will protect livestock from predators such as coyotes and roaming dogs. 

11- According to Jan Dohner, author of Livestock Guardians: Using Dogs, Donkey, and Llamas to Protect Your Herd, she says that donkeys can handle the same predators that dogs can, such as raccoons and birds, but they also won't keep you up all night barking. 

12- Before World War II, mutton was a common dish in America. Soldiers on the battlefield would frequently eat canned mutton and became so sick of it that, by the time they came back home, they never wanted to see mutton again. This led to the decline of the dish. 

13- The ancient Roman charioteer Gaius Appuleius Diocles was the highest-paid professional athlete of all time.

14- According to Peter Struck, a professor of classical studies, the second-century champion charioteer amassed a fortune that would be equivalent to around $15 billion today. 

15- The annual pillow fight at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point has been banned after 30 first-year cadets were injured from a clash. 24 of them were even diagnosed with concussions. 

16- According to David Brooks of the New York Times, Jewish people make up about 0.2% of the world population but 54% of the world chess champions. 

17- According to military records in the Netherlands,Dutchmen have grown an average of 20 centimeters in the past 150 years. 

18- Barbara Newhall Follett was an American child prodigy novelist in the early 20th century. Her first novel was published in 1927 when she was just 12 years old, and her second novel was published just two years later when she was 14. She married an unfaithful man when she became an adult and fell into a deep depression. In 1939, at 25 years old, she disappeared and was never seen again. 

19- Developers then designed moving images on the screen that would save the screen from burning when the computer was idle. This is where the term "screensaver" comes from. 

20- In 2016, the nearest start to us, called Proxima Centauri, produced a solar flare so powerful that it was visible to us here on Earth. 

21- Scientists concluded that the planets around the star have almost no chance of being habitable and are lifeless balls of rock. 

22- Emma Morano was the last known living person on Earth who was born in the 1800s, as well being the oldest person on Earth at the time. She passed away in 2017. 

23- NASA Space explorer Harrison Schmitt, who was the last person to walk on the moon in 1972, suffered an allergic response to moon dust. After he gathered samples and returned to the module, Schmitt still had dust on his boots and suit. When he took them off, he immediately became congested. 

24- The first name of the fictional comedic character Mr. Bean, played by Rowan Atkinson, is Mister. This implies that his full name is Mr. Mister Bean. 

25- A laptop that contains six of the wold's most dangerous viruses is on sale for over $1 million. 

26- The piece of art is titled The Persistence of Chaos by internet artist Guo O. Dong. He says that he created the work of art in order to make physical the abstract threats posed by the digital world. 

27- For over 350 years, the extremely small Pheasant Island has switched countries between France and Spain every six months. It sits on the River Bidasoa, which is also a border between the two countries. 

28- In 1985, two coworkers at Sears recorded a song called "Showstopper" to help a friend with a class project. The song became popular and started to air on the radio in New York City. Believe it or not, this was the start of the rap group Salt-N-Pepa. 

29- Young children are more likely to drown in freshwater than in saltwater, while older children and adults are more likely to drown in saltwater than freshwater. 

30- In 2014, the energy drink company Red Bull had to compensate customers who bought their drinks between 2002 and 2014 after a U.S. man named Benjamin Carethers sued them. He claimed that the slogan "Red Bull gives you wings" was dishonest, and that a cup of coffee contained more caffeine than its actual energy drink. Wait, let me test that! (smacks lips) It's true 😃. 

31- According to the National Foster Youth Institute, only half of all foster children in America will have some sort of gainful employment by the time that they're 24 years old. Seven out of 10 girls who age out of the foster care system will become pregnant before they are 21 years old. 

32- The first known music video recording done in space was a revised version of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" by Commander Chris Hadfield, when he was onboard the International Space Station. 

33- In 2014, the dating app Tinder made its first match on the continent of Antarctica between two research scientists. Hey, it's cold. You wanna get together? 

34- Some public places are starting to install blue lights in their restrooms to fight against drug use. The blue lights help with this issue because they make it difficult for the drug user to find their veins. 

35- Shiraz wine originally comes from Iran, dating back to the ninth century, and it was once considered the finest wine in the world. 

36- Before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, there were over 300 wineries in Iran. Now, there are none. 

37- 33 actors from all of the Star Trek series have appeared in the cartoon show Gargoyles that aired from 1994 to '97. The cartoon show also had five writers from Star Trek on their staff, as well as two artists. 

38- The Potsdam Giants were a Prussian infantry regiment that consisted of taller-than-average soldiers. 

39- The regiment was founded in 1675 and finished in 1806 after napoleon vanquished Prussia in war king. 

40- King Frederick William, I told a French ambassador that the most beautiful girl or woman in the world would be a matter of indifference to me, but tall soldiers, they are my weakness. Okay. 

41- The sandals of the Statue of Liberty are 7.62 meters long. This means that her shoe size is a whopping 879. 

42- A harbor seal named Hoover was capable of mimicking human speech. 
The orphan pup was discovered by a man named George Swallow and stayed in a pond in his backyard. 
The two became fast friends, and Hoover even learned how to say "hello there" and "come over here". He even did it in a New England accent that was similar to Swallows'. Hoover lived out the rest of his life in the New England Aquarium when he became older. 

43- When the producers of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective were casting for the lead role, they first approached actor Rick Moranis, but he declined. Then they considered Judd Nelson, Alan Rickman, and even changing the role to a female lead with Whoopi Goldberg. Eventually, they made the right choice casting Jim Carey based on his performances in the sketch comedy show In Living Color. One of the greatest shows of all time, by the way. If you haven't seen it, just Google it. 

44- The purest water on Earth can be found in Puerto Williams, which is in southern Chile on the tip of southern America. 

45- Every Walt Disney World theme park banned smoking on May 1st, 2019. Guests will have to light up outside of the parks in designated areas. 

46- Disneyland in the Southern California location has only been fully shut down three times: the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the devastating Northridge earthquake in 1994, and after 9/11. 

47- The surgical term caesarian section originated from Ancient Rome after Julius Caesar was reportedly cut out of his mother when he was born. 

48- Former MLB pitcher Randy Johnson is now a photographer who works at sporting events and concerts.
The logo of his photography website is of a bird he hit with a baseball during his Spring training game in 2001. 

49-During the 1920s and 1930s, People in Australia would hold chariot races, but their trusty steeds would be motorcycles instead of horses. The drivers would even dress up in Roman-style outfits and were given Roman names. 

In 2015, a Texan man shot an armadillo, but the bullet ricocheted off the hard shell and struck the man in the face. Fortunately, he was fine, but he had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital and get his jaw wired shut. See, man? That's what you get. Leave the animals alone, damn. 

Adolf Hitler was a massive film fanatic and would watch movies frequently. He also watched films in different languages and was just told the plot of them. Sometimes he would stay up all night until 10:00 in the morning watching movies. 

There is only one McDonald's in Cuba, and it's located on the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in southeast Cuba. The naval base also has a Baskin Robbins, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell. These restaurants are owned and operated by the Department of the Navy, and Cubans are prohibited from visiting them. 

Actor Johnny Depp declined the lead role in the 1997 thriller Face/Off because he thought that it would be a movie about hockey. The 27-year-old rising star would have starred opposite Nicholas Cage, but the role eventually, of course, went to John Travolta. 

British comedian and author Tony Hawks were so frustrated with being mistaken for the skateboarder Tony Hawk that he published a book on June 13th, 2019 titled Tony Hawks: The A to Z of Skateboarding. The book contained nothing about skateboarding. Hawks has also written six other books. 

When pop singer Lady Gaga was a freshman at NYU, she came across a Facebook group that was created by her classmates. The group titled Stefani Germanotta, you will never be famous. The hurtful page also contained hurtful comments such as being called an attention whore and other comments asking who does she think she is. She dropped out of school a year later to focus on her music career full-time. 

And as always, thank you all for reading and I'll see you in the next article. 

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