how to heal broken heart and move on - 12 tips that really work!

how to heal a broken heart from cheating

hey everyone and welcome to 30tags today we're going to learn about 12 ways to heal your broken heart from cheating now let's begin.

1- Reflective thinking.
how many times have you told yourself don't think about your ex after a breakup. everyone struggles to avoid these reflective thoughts you try everything to get rid of these romantic moments and happy memories but they just keep coming back no matter how hard you try the truth is the more you resist the worse it's going to get it's all.
thanks to something called ironic process theory if I told you not to think about something you're going to think about it that's just the way your brain works so when you tell yourself not to think about your ex guess what happens your brain can't think about anything else you're trying so hard to resist those memories that you're actually making them stronger as backward as it sounds, a great way to heal a broken heart is to think about the person that broke it let yourself experience those bittersweet memories stop trying to shove them down otherwise you'll spend months hung up on your past relationship when you could be moving on.

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2- Fill your life with laughter.
when you're feeling sad and overwhelmed laughter is the best medicine, it boosts your mood it brightens your day and it clears your head. each time you laugh it's like therapy for your brain.
so if you're hurting after a broken relationship fill your life with as much laughter as you can do fun activities with your friends listen to your favorite comedians or just watch your pets be their usual goofy selves. a laugh may not seem like much right now but every time you crack yourself up you take one step closer towards your normal happy self.

3- find your independence.
after a relationship ends there's often a huge void in your life. your ex took up a lot of your time and energy so without them, you might feel empty or aimless so naturally, you try to fill that void with anything you can whether it's hobbies, friends or new romantic partners you get desperate to make that emptiness disappear but hey you don't need anyone else to make you happy you don't need anyone else to give your life direction you can do that all on your own by rediscovering your independence you can heal your broken heart and rebuild your self-esteem you'll get your confidence back you'll enjoy your passions more you'll gradually remember what it means to love yourself and you'll grow stronger for it so after a breakup be as active and independent as you can.

4- ditch social media when your heart is broken. 
you might feel like wasting the day away on social media it might distract you from thinking about your ex or maybe you're doing the opposite you're trying to keep tabs on everything your ex is doing either way spending that much time on social media is really unhealthy and it isn't helping you heal your broken heart not only is it a waste of time but social media also digs you deeper into that pit of anxiety and grief each time you see a picture or post from your ex it's going to take you one step back it'll make you angry sad and frustrated all over again digging you into an even deeper hole after a bad breakup. get off social media for a while deactivate your accounts or delete the apps off your phone. It doesn't have to be forever but until you can get over your breakup social media is never a good idea.

5- mutual understanding in times of grief.
one of the best things you can do, find someone else who understands your pain someone who's gone through a similar experience just how challenging it can be while. it's helpful to talk to friends and family it might feel a little strange they're trying to help you but they don't really get it and there's always a little bit of pity in their voice that just makes you feel worse that's why it's incredibly helpful to talk to someone who truly gets what you're going through maybe they just experienced a bad breakup of their own during that time they might have struggled to fill the void or rediscover their independence. now that you are in the same situation they can genuinely empathize and give you the kind of advice that will help you move past your pain.

6- discover your strengths.
few experiences are as emotionally draining as a breakup so when you're feeling low it's crucial that you think about your strengths and concentrate on all the things that you do well even though you don't feel like your usual self. those strengths don't just disappear whether you're crafty hyper-social or just a good friend use, these strengths to remember how tough and capable you really are.

7- neutralize blame.
don't blame yourself don't blame your ex don't blame the timing or the context there's a popular misconception that someone has to accept blame when a relationship falls apart that it has to be someone's fault but it doesn't sometimes relationships just end couples just fizzle out and break up so don't spend your time searching for someone or something to pin your breakup on. 
it's not healthy to nitpick everything that went wrong with your relationship you'll replay those rough patches in your mind searching for some way to fix them but you can't change the past no matter how hard you try so blaming yourself or your ex won't do anyone any good.

8- dispel self-judgment.
the worst thing you can do after a breakup is judging yourself you might react in all kinds of ways you weren't expecting you might feel overwhelmed by feelings you weren't ready for but that's okay grief strikes everyone differently and you have very little control over what shape your grief takes so don't ridicule yourself for having strong emotions after a breakup it's critical that you wholeheartedly accept yourself because self-judgment slows down the healing process it convinces you to stuff down those negative feelings to pretend like you're not actually angry or sad that may seem like a good idea in the moment but holding things in forces you to internalize that negativity so instead let yourself really feel your feelings and remember that there's no right or wrong way to get over a breakup everyone experiences a broken heart differently all you can do is accept yourself and try your best to move forward.

9- plenty of plans.
after a breakup try to keep yourself as busy as you can don't leave yourself tons of free time to sit around and do nothing because in those lazy and isolated moments you'll fall back into old patterns you'll drift toward negative thoughts and unhealthy habits with nothing there to uplift or entertain you your grief will take its toll so make plenty of plans you might go out of your way to meet new people or hang out with new friends or maybe you decide to work overtime at your job the key is to spend as little time feeling aimless as possible after a breakup you never want to find yourself lying in bed and staring at your phone in the middle of the day because that's when that negativity comes rushing back if you make plenty of plans getting over your breakup will be a whole lot quicker and easier than you thought.

10-create distance.
a small but effective strategy for healing a broken heart is to create distance I'm talking about both physical and technological distance that means you can't see them in person you can't talk to them over the phone and you can't text them randomly late at night even if you're just checking in because each time you make contact with your ex you're extending the length of time that it takes for you to heal just think about your breakup like a countdown each day that you avoid talking to your ex that countdown gets closer to zero but when you make contact you're undoing all the progress that you made so create that distance and stick to it block their number unfollow them on social media you can even go on a trip to a different state or country if you have the time all of these tricks will help you make a clean break which is exactly what you need to heal your broken heart.

11- exercise your body.
exercise isn't just good for your physical health it can be a great way to work through the pain and frustration of a broken heart as little as 15 minutes of exercise can completely turn your day around it can lift your spirits it can clear your head and it can help you work that stress out of your system that's why in the midst of a bad breakup regular exercise ensures that you stay healthy and keep your head on straight.

12- imagine the future.
sometimes the only way to heal a broken heart is to give yourself something to look forward to something that makes you excited about the future as you think about moving on don't be afraid to let your mind wanders let yourself fantasize about new people new relationships and new lifestyles imagine what it'll be like when you've met someone else and you're even happier than you were before because no matter how hopeless things feel right now there's a world of opportunity waiting just around the corner.

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