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facts about puerto rico

come on amigos Saludos from Puerto Rico today we're gonna tell you 19 facts you probably didn't know about the island. so here are 19 facts you probably didn't know about Puerto Rico.

1- all Puerto Ricans are born US citizens and that has been the case since 1917.

2- US citizens and residents can travel to Puerto Rico without a passport.

3- Puerto Rico has almost 300 beaches including some of the most beautiful ones in the world like Blue Beach in Vieques.

4- Puerto Rico has been an unincorporated US territory since 1898.

5- u.s dollar is the official currency of Puerto Rico although a lot of people here call it the peso but what they really mean is the dollar.

6- Puerto Rico state it would be the 29th biggest one by population yeah there are almost 3 million people here although it's kind of hard to measure sometimes because the population has been decreasing I believe since 2000.

7-  the official name of Puerto Rico is the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or in Spanish el Estado libre asociado de Puerto Rico that's the free associated state of Puerto Rico.

8- the original name of the island is Borinquen. Borinquen is the name in Taino and the Taino culture was the native culture of Puerto Rico before the Spanish arrived.

9- Puerto Ricans usually call themselves boricuas.

10- the three main languages spoken in Puerto Rico are English Spanish Spanglish.

11- USPS operates here just like the rest of the United States and you can get Amazon Prime but it takes a week to get things instead of just two days but it's still free shipping to an island which is pretty good.

12- Puerto Rico isn't just one island. the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is actually a hundred and forty-three islands islets, atolls and case. yeah and there's actually only three islands of Puerto Rico that are inhabited the main island Culebra and Vieques.

13- Puerto Ricans have fought in every US war since becoming a territory.

14- despite having fought in every u.s. war. Puerto Ricans can't vote for president, and that includes us as residents of Puerto Rico we can't vote for president and this isn't uncommon for u.s. territories there are no US territories that have voting representation.

15- Puerto Rico has debt but it's not as much as you might think Puerto Ricans actually owe much less debt per capita than residents of the mainland u.s do. 
each u.s. resident owes approximately 61 thousand dollars that's for each person. each Puerto Rican resident owes around twelve thousand per person.

16- Puerto Rico is home to the only tropical rainforest in the US National Forest System. it is called El Yunque National rainforest and is one of the most visited places on the island. 

17- Puerto Rico's most popular sports are baseball, boxing, and basketball, in fact, I'd say baseball here is way more popular than football in the US.

18- Puerto Rico's unofficial mascot is a tiny tree frog called a ko-KEE which is native to the island and it makes this beautiful sound.

19- Puerto Rico is home to three out of the world's five bioluminescent bays and we actually went to one of them that's the Mosquito Bay in Vieques you can check out that video.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned.
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